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We are Back! Overseas Students Return to HQU

Release time:2023-03-06      Author:

On Feb. 17, TAN JIE NI, a 2023 graduate of the Business School from Malaysia, returned to Huaqiao University (HQU) after a three-year absence. Reunited with her classmates and teachers after a long time, TAN felt a sense of familiarity, saying: “I am really glad to be back to HQU!”

With the adjustment and optimization of the national epidemic prevention and control, the overseas students from all over the world are returning to HQU. It’s estimated that since September 2022, nearly 600 overseas students have finished their online courses, returned to the campus, and got together with their teachers and classmates in HQU.

HQU attaches great importance to the returning of the overseas students. To ensure the successful returning of the overseas students, the relevant departments and colleges pay constant attention and offer assistance to them on their needs and difficulties, ranging from visa application, health check and assessment before boarding, to check-in after admission, preparation of various necessities for study and life, and the handling of various procedures.

Among these overseas students coming all the way to China with dreams in mind,there are freshmen who have just entered the university, as well as graduating students who have been away from HQU for a long time. Although they come from different countries and speak various languages, they all share their longing for HQU and their expectations for the campus life.

TAN JIE NI: Stay in China for employment and enjoy the campus life.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAN JIE NI lived in HQU for just a period of time only in her freshman year. Later, she became a cyber-friend with her teachers and classmates, and studied online for a long time. TAN has encountered various problems during the distance learning, such as time difference, unstable Internet connection and lack of interaction in online courses, so she is very grateful to the teachers and classmates for their help. “My classmates studied in earnest, and they offered help to me such as marking the key and difficult points for me after class.” TAN said.

Unable to return to HQU for three years, TAN JIE NI also expressed her feelings about the changes around her on the campus. “A lot of things have changed in three years, and everything has its way so familiar but hard to recognize when in HQU again. It is a pity that I have not been able to experience my campus life, participate in various activities, go to other universities as an exchange student, and experience different Chinese customs outside Fujian Province.” TAN said, “In the following time, I will participate in various events more actively, record every wonderful moment in HQU, and try to make up for the lost school time in the past three years.”

TAN JIE NI has made her own decision about where she will go after graduation. “I plan to stay in China to work, and I will continue to study in China if I have the opportunity.” TAN said as she is following closely the annual campus recruitment in Spring.

Billy Josi Fukada: Challenge myself and enjoy the campus life.

Billy Josi Fukada from Indonesia is a student from the Class of 2026 in the College of Computer Science and Technology. Due to the pandemic, Billy could only participate in the courses online during the first term of his freshman year. To better catch what the teachers said in class, He always had translation software at hand. He said, “Sometimes teachers spoke too fast and I didn’t understand, so I used the software to translate to make sure I could catch on and I spent more time reviewing after classes.” Therefore, Billy was looking forward to coming to China and communicating with teachers and classmates face to face. “Though I crammed for Chinese language for four months in my senior high school, I still believe that I will make greater progress soon after I come to Huaqiao University with a Chinese language environment.” he said.

On Feb 7, Billy Josi Fukada landed in Xiamen by plane and headed straight to the long-awaited HQU Xiamen Campus. Because of his love for sports, he has become a regular in the basketball court and badminton hall in just a few days. In the new term, Billy is full of expectations for everything in HQU. “The reason why I came to China to study is I wanted to challenge myself and enjoy my campus life in a new country.” he said. “Apart from study, I will take an active part in any activity I am interested in, be it sport, art, club, scientific research or practice. I hope I could make the best of my time here in HQU and enjoy the process!”

Adilso Genaro Gutierrez Murcia: Keep an appointment with Huaqiao University across the globe.

AdilsoGenaro Gutierrez Murcia, a student from the Class of 2026 in the College of Tourism, is an international student from El Salvador. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, he first learned Chinese language through online courses before officially enrolling. However, learning Chinese from afar is not easy in El Salvador, which is located in Central America, in the western hemisphere of the Earth, 14 hours behind China in the eastern hemisphere, according to Adilso. “At the crack of dawn, I needed to sit at my desk and started learning.” he said. In addition to the time difference, Adilso found it hard for him to adjust to the complexity of Chinese, because he had been learning Spanish in El Salvador since young.

In mid-December last year, Adilso was able to enter China, and in January this year, he came to HQU, where he had been longing for a long time. Adilso is still not that fluent in Chinese language, but with the help of his teachers and classmates, he is quickly adapting to the campus life in China. He said, “Everyone is ready to help me learn Chinese and guide me around the campus and get to know about the regulations for the students. I really like my lovely HQU.”

As a freshman at the College of Tourism, Adilso will study at the Xiamen Campus before returning to Quanzhou Campus one year later. He said that he has many expectations for the future life in HQU: he wants to participate in volunteer services and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. “I hope I could acquire more knowledge in HQU and graduate with excellent academic results.”

KAUNG HTET SAN: Pursue dreams and draw future blueprint at Huaqiao University

In the dormitory,KAUNG HTET SAN, from Myanmar, is doing his homework earnestly. As a freshman of the School of Architecture, he missed classes for one term and wanted to make up for the missed courses and do more practical work. “The online courses are less efficient, and it is difficult to buy architectural model boards and drawing tools. What upsets me is that I missed the opportunity to practice learning in Quanzhou.” ButKAUNG HTET SAN was also moved by the help provided by the classmates online. “Although we were thousands of miles away, teachers would pay attention to the class experience for our online students, providing us with websites and various learning materials to help us complete our homework better.” he said.

Now, KAUNG HTET SAN has spent a winter vacation in HQU. Recalling his first visit to Xiamen, he was filled with warmth when he saw the bus arranged by the university, and the local SIM card ordered by the teachers. “When I first came to the campus, I first saw the tall arched gate and the administrative R&D building. At that moment, I felt like I had arrived home.” he said.

Although he is a newcomer, KAUNG HTET SAN has received Chinese education since childhood, so he is quite adapted to the study and life in China. He also likes Chinese lifestyle and food very much. During the winter vacation, he and his classmates in Myanmar recorded the Spring Festival in the universities through short videos and shared them with classmates in other countries via Cloud.

KAUNG HTET SAN also has his own plans for his college life. “I hope to join some club activities and make friends with those from all over the world to enrich my college life. I will put more emphasis on my study, invest more time and energy to improve or make up for the deficiency in professional courses, do my best to keep positive towards life and study, and strive for an outstanding performance in profession

(Editor: Cai Juntao)

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