Facts & Figures

About the University

Founded in 1960


23,777 full-time undergraduates

3,111 students from over 50 countries and regions

                   including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

85.06% of the total full-time enrolled students being


92.06% graduation rate of fresh graduates

99.76% degree awarding rate of fresh graduates

97.71% initial employment rate of fresh graduates

92.7% passing rate of physical fitness tests


2,735 teaching and auxiliary staff

1,667 full-time teachers

47.69% faculty with senior title


16.74 student-teacher ratio

24,000 CNY per student value of teaching and research

                           instruments and equipments

9,978,260 CNY newly-added value of teaching and

      research instruments and equipments in the current year

17.33 square meters per student teaching and

                                    administrative space

3.741 square meters per student lab space

3,082.51 CNY per student daily undergraduate

                                    teaching expenses

6,148,030 CNY specially allocated expenditure for

                 undergraduate teaching in a calendar year

311.38 CNY per student experiment expenditure for

                 undergraduate teaching in a calendar year

3,534 courses in the whole university

79.31%   professors lecturing undergraduate courses

15.65% courses lectured by professors


4,676,000 copies

84.56 volumes per student

1,890,000 volumes electronic books


2,559,000 square meters

1,114,000 square meters built-area


(Data above is based on the Undergraduate Database in the calendar year of 2017, collected up to May 15th, 2018)

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