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Preparatory Education College Holds Online Teacher-Student-Parent Meeting

Release time:2021-03-22      Author:

Recently, Preparatory Education College of Huaqiao University (HQU) has held an online meeting for all the teachers, students and parents in the new semester. Students and their parents from more than 30 countries gathered with teachers online to review what they have achieved through online education in the past six months and commended the advanced ones. Teachers and parents also discussed the students’ study plans for the new semester.

At present, the college has undertaken the teaching work for 163 international students from 53 countries, including those with Chinese Government Scholarship and International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, and those self-funded students.

This is the first time that Preparatory Education College has invited parents to attend the meeting, which built a bridge between parents and the school. The family-school communication was specially added and conducted in five languages, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Cambodian, thanks to the interpretation performed by student representatives with excellent Chinese.

Online Meeting

Online Class

Teacher Lecturing Online

To ensure the quality of online education, the College adopts the form of live lectures for students in different time zones. From 6 a.m. on Monday to 11 p.m. on Sunday Beijing time, teachers conduct live lectures online for students in 24 time zones around the world, and interact and communicate with students on the same screen, training their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, the most important aspects of language learning. In this way, they could satisfy the Chinese learning needs for all the international students in all aspects during the whole progress.

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