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HQU Welcomes the Third Batch of Returned Students

Release time:2020-06-14      Author:Liu Pei, Hou Bin, Chen Yuxin, and Gao Liuhuaihai from Media Center

Arrival of the Earliest Returned Students at 0 a.m., June 14th

According to the plan of Huaqiao University (HQU) for returning to campus, graduates of postgraduate and undergraduate were the third batch of students to return to the campus from June 14th to June 15th. For graduates of 2020, their graduation is different from that of the previous years due to the impact of COVID-19. More than 5,000 graduates returned from all over the country to say goodbye to HQU.


Considering the large number of returned students, and their need to complete graduation and departure procedures, a series of measures have been taken to ensure that the students return to campus, study and live on campus and leave campus safe and sound.


On June 14th, Guan Yifan, Party Secretary of HQU, Xu Xipeng, President of HQU, Vice Presidents Peng Pei and Wang Xiuyong successively inspected the campus access, temperature monitoring sites, temporary observation sites, canteens, community center, on-campus supermarkets, and the operation of other relevant facilities. They communicated with the students and extended best wishes to their graduation.


HQU provides pick-up services at Quanzhou Railway Station, Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport, Xiamen Railway Station, and Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport respectively. Eye-catching banners and guide boards are set at the exits of airports and stations. When arriving in Quanzhou or Xiamen, students are guided by the teacher to wait, and then get on the shuttle bus orderly. In addition, WeChat groups are set up for real-name registration and management.


The two campuses provide more on-campus canteens and online ordering services for students. Quanzhou campus opens Dining Hall No.1, Dining Hall No.2, and Nanyuan Dining Hall to serve meals; Xiyuan Dining Hall and Dining Hall No.3 are opened for eat-in only. Xiamen campus serves meals at Zijing the Second Canteen, Zijing the Third Canteen, and Fengzhu Canteen; Zijing the first Canteen, Fenglin Canteen, Fenghua Canteen, and Fengxiang Canteen are opened for eat-in and take-out service. To guide students to have or to buy meals at off-peak hours, Catering Service Center requires students to have meals at different times and keep distance when eating. Admission vouchers marked with the dining time are distributed to the students.


In order to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere, the staff of the student community worked overtime with teachers and counselors from each college to ventilate and disinfect the dorm in advance, and air out the quilts for students. The colleges have also carefully prepared welcome-back-to-school gift bags, including epidemic prevention items such as facial masks, disinfectant and emergency cards, as well as souvenirs like exquisite postcards and college emblems.


In front of the school gate, there are not only the medical and security personnel who have always remained at their posts with protective suits, but also communist volunteers who have spent their spare time assisting in verifying identity information and health code of the students. During the ten-day period before the returned graduates leave school, they will continue to verify and guide students at important sites such as school gate and canteen.


Wu Candong, a graduate from the College of Foreign Languages, composed a song named "Goodbye, HQU" based on his four-year college life prior to his returning to school. Once released, it resonates with many HQU students, especially 2020 graduates.

        "This is Huaqiao University and it will always be.

This is where our story ends.

Here we save all our memories

and together we spend our youth.

May we meet again,

in Huaqiao University,

with the flowers blooming."


HQU Pick-up Sites at Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport and Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport


Volunteers Guiding Students to the Shuttle Bus


Returned Students on the Shuttle Bus


Special Access for Students Returning to School

"We're back, HQU!"


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