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Dining at Quanzhou Campus

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Dining Hall No. 1 (Local Specialties Restaurant) features regionally-inspired foods. Besides different snacks, a great variety of local specialties are offered, such as kebab, Sichuan spicy hot pot, Fujian cuisine, northwest-style noodles, Cantonese cuisine.

Dining Hall No. 2 features its huge selection of snacks. Every day, nearly 100 delicious and exquisite dishes are offered for students and teachers. Also could be found here are eateries like Shanghai-Style Steamed Stuffed Bun House, Homemade Dumpling House, Noodle House, and Southern-Fujian-Style Steak House.

Dining Hall No. 3 (the Southeast Asia Specialty Restaurant) endeavors to accommodate for special dietary needs of international students by offering various Southeast Asian foods, Japanese foods, Korean foods and steaks. The restaurant best illustrates the university’s effort to serve overseas Chinese and make international students feel at home.

Xiyuan Dining Hall features the versatility of its food options. The food court houses popular regional food stalls such as Campus Specialties, Central China Foods, Northeastern Foods, Northwestern Foods and Teppanyaki. 


Muslim Restaurant is specially designed for teachers and students with Muslim eating habits. By strictly following the guidelines for Muslim food preparation, the restaurant serves traditional Muslim food such as Braised Chicken with Potatoes and Green Peppers, Xinjiang Rice(Hand Pilaf)and Hand-Pulled Noodles. 


Nanyuan Dining Hall, the Faculty Dining Hall, not only serves buffet lunch for the faculty and various snacks but also undertakes all kinds of receptions, banquets and dinners. To facilitate the daily life of the faculty, the dining hall is equipped with a greengrocer’s, sold in which are essential food materials and ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, semi-finished minimally processed vegetables, dry foods, staple and non-staple foods, and condiments.



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