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HQU Student Community has 46 dormitories that accommodate more than 28,000 students. Among them, 33 are on Quanzhou campus, with single rooms, double rooms, quad rooms and six-person rooms distributed in Lianyuan Garden, Citong Garden, Meiyuan Garden and Zijing Garden, while the others, with quad rooms and double rooms, are located in Fenghuang Garden, Citong Garden, Zijing Garden, Meiyuan Garden and Lianyuan Garden on Xiamen campus. Double rooms and single rooms are reserved for students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries.

The student dormitories are furnished with a full set of standardized living equipment, including detachable furniture like computer desks, bookshelves and wardrobes, and other appliances, such as water heaters with 24/7 hot water, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi connection. For the convenience of students, water dispensers and beverage dispensers are available in the dormitory buildings, with canteens, supermarkets, barbershops and ATMs easily found nearby.

As a subordinate to the Division of Student Affairs, HQU Student Community operates on the principle of Going Forward with Students, and aims at education and service through management. Over the years of practice, six functions have been gradually identified, i.e., ideological education, property intendance, cultural construction, life service, behavior instruction and safety precaution.

At present, both student communities of the two campuses have socialized their property services, namely famous property companies are providing standardized and refined services including security, cleaning, repairing and care-taking. The launch of Intelligent Community makes it possible to handle business on hand-held devices, thus creating an efficient property service management system.

In recent years, HQU Student Community has developed its cultural brands of Qiaoyuan and Yuxiu Qiaoyuan, the first of its kind to introduce the concept of neighborhood planning to boost the community culture. One-stop service hall, neighborhood center, maker space, study club and shared space have been set up as multi-functional living and study platforms for social intercourse, MOOC, cultural practice, business incubator and so on. The achievements of ideological education and cultural construction have gained broad affirmation from higher authorities, domestic peers and news media. Colleagues from famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University have come to HQU to learn from our experience. China News Service, Macao Daily News and other media have reported on these practices. Also, since its establishment, the Community has won a series of national and provincial honors and awards.

HQU was originally set up for the overseas Chinese. For the same reason, we meet each other here. Although we come from different countries and regions, we bear the same name, HQUer, and share the common home, HQU Student Community. Let's work together to care for this beautiful and sweet home, and create a campus life of HQU style!

We are looking forward to your arrival!

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