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I. General Introduction

HQUSU is an autonomous organization managed by students of Huaqiao University, the chairman units of both Student Associations of Quanzhou City and Fujian Province, and the vice chairman unit of Student Association of Xiamen City. The Students’ Union represents the rights and interests of all the students in HQU, and serves as a bridge between the university and the students to enhance mutual communication.

With one president and eight vice presidents, HQUSU has 15 offices: General Office, Liaison Office of Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Liaison Office of Overseas Chinese and International Students, Employment Office, Women’s Office, Sports Office, Public Relations Office, Office of Students’ Rights and Responsibilities, Activities Group, Office of Psychological Health, New Media Center, Publicity Office (HQU Communication Agency), Academic Office, Office of Sunshine Service and Self-Discipline Commission.

HQUSU actively participates in the democratic administration and supervision of the university, assists and promotes school education, leads the students to shape a good learning virtue, dedicates itself to upholding the legal rights and responsibilities of students, and organizes colorful cultural activities and other brand campus events, such as Top 10 Campus Singers, Campus Debate Competition, President’s AGM with faculty and student representatives, Stars of Huaxia and Freshman Cup Basketball Match.

II. Brand Activities

2.1 Top 10 Campus Singers

The competition is held biennially, in which Top 10 Singers and 10 Honorable Singers from Quanzhou and Xiamen campuses will be selected altogether after audition, semifinal, and final. This activity enjoys a high popularity and fame among students and teachers, offering a platform for singing lovers to show their talents.


Top 10 Campus Singers

2.2 Huitong Cup Campus Debate Competition

This competition, along with the Elite Debater Contest, is held annually between schools and colleges on the topics of the cultivation of academic atmosphere, national trends and policies, social hot spots, etc. with experts and judges from within and outside the school invited to instruct participants throughout the debate, providing guidelines, offering comments and making summaries before, during and after competition. The event develops students’ ability of thinking and analyzing problems and improves campus culture as well.


Huitong Cup Campus Debate Competition

2.3 President's AGM with Faculty and Student Representatives

      In 2005, the first President’s AGM with faculty and student representatives was held in HQU, a pioneering practice across the country. Over the years, leaders, teachers and students speak freely about campus construction together, which has built a good bridge for students and teachers to enhance communication, encouraging students to offer advice and suggestions for the development of the university.


President's AGM with Faculty and Student Representatives

2.4. Freshman Cup Basketball Match

The match is held at the annual welcome season, which is a game for HQU to promote students' all-round development, strengthen their physical health and improve their sports performance.

2.5 Stars of Huaxia  

It is a talent show that offers a platform for students to show their talents, enrich their campus life and enliven campus atmosphere.


Stars of Huaxia

III. Featured Departments

3.1 International Students’ Organizations

The Liaison Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Students and Liaison Office of Overseas Chinese and International Students at HQU are responsible for contacting, coordinating and serving Chinese overseas students and international students in terms of their study, life, cultural activities on campus and other affairs. Since the year of 2012, 1 student has been elected as the chairman of Student Association of Quanzhou, 2 students from Hong Kong and Macao as the presidents of HQUSU after competition, and over 20 students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and international students as the vice president of the Students’ Union, head of Activities Group of HQU and vice chairman of Student Association of HQU. There are in total over 300 students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and international students have been elected as the officer or deputy officer in different college-level organizations.

3.2 Intercollegiate Student Organizations

HQU encourages and supports students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and international students to found intercollegiate student organizations and to lead the youth clubs. In 2012, HQU student cadres from Macao initiated Macao Student Association of Universities in Fujian. In 2015, HQU student cadres from Hong Kong initiated Hong Kong Student Association of Universities in Fujian. And in the year of 2012 and 2017, with support from HQU, Macao Student Association of Universities in Fujian held the National Forum for College Students from Macao.

IV. Student Activities Group

Student Activities Group is affiliated to HQUSU with the aim of tapping students artistic potentials, promoting their artistic performance, and enriching school culture, so as to help art-loving students both from home and abroad to realize their dreams. There are 3 offices, namely Art Administration Office, Performance Office and Creativity Development Office, and 1 performance center with 10 teams, namely Dance Team, HQD Dance Group, Language Performance Team, Vocal Team, Instrument Team, Diabolo Playing Team, Photography Team, DC Street Dance Team, Malaysia 24 Seasons Drum Team and Dragon Lion Dance Team.

Student Activities Group has achieved outstanding results four times at the Chinese College Students Art Performance. In 2009, the group has received an enthusiastic response after the exchange-visit performance in Kasetsart University. In 2010, its performance was spoken highly among teachers and students at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of HQU. Moreover, it performed at the closing ceremony of Global Chinese Dragon Boat Race in the year of 2011 and 2013, the closing ceremony of Taiwan Youth Summer Camp and other more than 10 national-level performances in 2012. In the year of 2015, it participated in the evening gala to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Teacher-Student Alumni Association, and other relevant performances of Asia Arts Festival.

4.1 Introducing Classic Arts into Campus

Student Activities Group of HQU rehearses shows, selects outstanding ones and puts on performances in vocational colleges and universities of Quanzhou each year, through which it introduces classic arts to campus and spread the unique campus culture of our university.

4.2 12/9 Cultural Performance of Freshman Students

In order to commemorate the students’ patriotic campaign on December 9th, 1935, HQU holds the relevant theme-based educational activities among schools and colleges every year, the most important of which is 12/9 Cultural Performance of Freshman Students. This performance intends to cultivate artistic talents and help freshman students to cherish the love for our university and our nation.


12/9 Cultural Performance of Freshman Students

4.3 Special Performances

      There are varieties of artistic teams such as Vocal Team, Dance Team, Musical Instrument Team, Street Dance Team, Host Team and Diabolo Team, each of which puts on special performances every year.


Performance of Activities Group

4.4 Art Plaza

With the guidelines of making artistic culture universal, Art Plaza has been holding an event once a month since 2016, in which different theme-based shows such as traditional Chinese culture, folk songs and graduation season have been conducted, offering a platform for students who love art and culture to demonstrate their artistic talents.

4.5 Landmark of Culture and Art

The Landmark of Culture and Art covers 6 parts including Art Plaza, Weekends Dancing Party, Sunday Cinema, Jinchuan Theatre, Cultural Promenade and Wistaria Poetry Society. Various forms of activities satisfy students’ artistic needs, and also greatly arouse their interests to take part in cultural and artistic activities.


Weekends Dancing Party

4.6 Public Performance of Dragon Lion Dance

      Based on the features of international students, Lion-Waken Team and Golden Dragon Team are established with members mainly from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries. Student Activities Group hosts public performance of dragon lion dance every year, with an aim to encourage students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and international students to learn traditional sports of China and carry forward the spirit of traditional Chinese culture.


Public Performance of Dragon Lion Dance

4.7 Public Performance of Malaysia 24 Festive Drums

      From May to June each year, 24 Festive Drums team will perform publicly on both Quanzhou and Xiamen campuses. The team usually invites other teams from Malaysia, Singapore and other countries or areas to join the shows on the themes of Sunlight, Drum Rhythm from Gods and Glorious Memory, which express their deep love for China. The public performing events have attracted a vast number of alumni, students and teachers from home and abroad, making it one of the most popular artistic events in the university.


Public Performance of Malaysia 24 Festive Drums


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