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I. General Introduction

HQU Union of Student Clubs operates on the principle of serving, guiding and managing Student Clubs, flourishing campus culture, aiming to build a bridge between HQU and the Student Clubs and provide a platform for students to share resources and practice skills.

The Union consists of 8 offices: the General Office, Office of Club Affairs, Office of Finance and Inspection, Management Office of Club Activities, Public Relations Office, Publicity Office, Office of New Media and Resource Management, administrating 113 registered clubs (both campuses of Quanzhou and Xiamen) with multiple themes, such as theory learning, culture and arts, sports activities, professional skills, hobbies and interests, and public welfare, to name but a few.

Brand activities of the Union include traditional cultural activities, namely Hundred-Club Campaign, Chinese Culture Fair, Four Seasons in Order, and The Month of Club Culture. The initiative of Get Up Early has started a trend which encourages students to study in the early morning. The Union operates on the principle of Love flourishes in the Union of Student Clubs year after year in succession.

II. Brand Clubs

2.1 Model United Nations (MUN) Club

It launches activities such as Model United Nations and leads students to all kinds of competitions at home and abroad, which attracts students who are interested in foreign languages or international relations.

2.2 Mental Health Club

It focuses on the mental health of college students and publicity of mental health literacy, and has been awarded The Model Student Club of National Universities by the Ministry of Education. Main activities include Campus Psychodrama and 5/25 Campus Mental Health.

Mental Health Club

2.3 Drama Club

Time-Travel Club (Quanzhou campus) and Ink-Shadow Club (Xiamen campus) provide an opportunity for students interested in performance to show their talents by practicing classics every semester including Thunderstorm, Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, Chinese Orphan and so on.

2.4 Foreign Language Club

It is a platform for foreign languages lovers to improve their communicative competence through events like Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival, 3X3 FISU World University League. It has been awarded as the A-level club several times.

2.5 Voluntary Blood Donors Club

With a close connection with Quanzhou Red Cross Society, the club organizes the unpaid blood donation annually for teachers and students, and publicizes the health knowledge.

2.6 The Tai Chi Club

It is a magnet for Chinese Kung Fu lovers, especially those of Tai Chi, holding activities to study Tai Chi regularly and participating in all kinds of important art and Kung Fu performances inside and outside school.

2.7 Ballroom Dance Club

It holds dancing party every Friday and Saturday at school’s outdoor dance hall to train its members’ social etiquettes. Every semester, it will put on a special dancing performance, a popular event among teachers and students.

2.8 Red Ribbon Youth Club

It organizes activities to spread the knowledge of AIDS prevention and channel a correct understanding of AIDS to students, leading the students to form a positive and healthy living attitude and living style.

III. Brand Activities

3.1 Hundred-Club Campaign

Based on the concept of making friends with common interests and promoting study through proper entertainment, the Union of Student Clubs holds the campaign shortly after the registration of freshmen every year. The campaign aims to infuse new blood into each club, make freshmen accustomed to the new life as quickly as possible, offer them an opportunity to experience colorful life after class, and help them realize their full potential through various club activities.

3.2 The Month of Club Culture

During this month, the Union holds a series of activities including Rights and Interests Week, Get Up Early and so on. Also, wonderful opening and closing ceremony performances will be shown to students. These activities, pooling the efforts from all the union members, reveal the comprehensive ability of student cadres, establish an intimate cooperation relationship, create a wonderful campus atmosphere, carry forward excellent traditional Chinese culture and enrich campus culture as well.

Opening Ceremony of the Month of Club Culture

3.3 Featured Club Events

HQU respects, supports and guides these fellow students clubs set up by students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries, and is willing to build a sound relationship with them. Great support is also given to the clubs with overseas students' features such as Malaysia 24 Festive Drums Team, Lion-Waken Team and Golden Dragon Team. Among these, Malaysia 24 Festive Drums Team was first organized by Malaysian students in 1997. Since then, it has made its appearance in both the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay and the National Peasants' Games, and performed on the stages of Hong Kong Coliseum and Beijing Workers' Stadium. It has been awarded more than 30 national and provincial awards, including the Excellent Achievement Prize in National Universities' Construction of Campus Culture, the first prize in National College Students' Art Show (Musical Instruments).

Malaysia 24 Festive Drums

in the Joint Show of National Universities' Excellent Programs



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