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With some 7,191 reading seats, Huaqiao University Library consists of the main branch library and Dazhong branch on Quanzhou campus, Zheng Nianjin Library on Xiamen campus and 9 other branch libraries in different schools and colleges. A high-speed network and a holistic management of the allocation of electronic and print resources ensure that all teachers and students have access to all the branches.

Document Information Resource System

HQU Library helps to promote the development of the university by strengthening the construction of document information resource system including both electronic and print resources, with the former prioritized. The collection of the library covers 9 major disciplines, such as science, engineering, medicine, literature and management.

As of September 31st, 2017, the total collection of the university library has reached 4,482 million volumes, among which there are 2,622 million paper books (including nearly 30,000 Chinese ancient books covering the traditional divisions of Confucian classics, history, philosophy and belles-letters), 160,000 periodicals and 180,000 electronic books. And HQU Library prides itself on its special collections of Fujian and Taiwan local literature, overseas Chinese literature and Publications of Huaqiao University. The library also boasts a collection of 138,000-hour audio and video information resources and 80 online electronic databases. As one of the principal members of CALIS, CAHL and FULINK, the university library strives to enrich the resources available to teachers and students and provide strong support for the teaching and researches of the university through intercollegiate and cross-regional cooperation via the internet.

Document Information Service System

HQU Library serves teachers and students 7 days a week and up to 15 hours a day by providing general services, such as book-lending, photocopying, multimedia reading, reference, interlending, document delivery, and 24/7 web resources, and customized services such as information retrieval teaching, sci-tech novelty retrieval, subject information research, SDI and patent service, to individuals, offices, schools and colleges to better serve the needs for the reform and development of the university and demands of disciplines while helping the making of HQU into a world-class university.

Campus Culture

The library takes an active part in the cultivation of talents, the informatization construction and the construction of campus culture by expanding their services. Accessible to the faculty and students throughout the year are special resources, such as library facilities, multimedia resources, video player system and academic lecture halls. And held regularly at the library are academic lectures, cutting-edge reports, art shows, theme exhibitions, book fairs and featured videos.

Committed to education through service and reader-oriented, HQU Library endeavors to turn itself into a center for literature resources, information service and cultural heritage that enrich humanity, promote learning, support scientific research and discipline development by speeding up the construction of smart libraries and exploring the reform and innovation of its work mode, service mode and management mode under the new situation.


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