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HQU Wins Third Prize in “China in My Eyes” Short Video Competition

Release time:2024-04-12      Author:

Recommended by Fujian Foreign Affairs office, a short video created by “Voice of Overseas Students”, the new media studio of Huaqiao University (HQU) won the third prize in the “China in My Eyes - Colorful Folklore” short video contest hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). “Hand Puppets”, a short video to introduce the Southern Fujian’s traditional art, emerged as the sole winner from Fujian Province.

The competition attracted participants from nearly 40 countries who submitted more than one hundred short videos that presented their life in China and shared their insights into Chinese folk customs with various shooting techniques. The 18 winning videos centered on Chinese folk customs such as rituals and practices, funfair, ethnic costumes and festivals of minority groups, unfolding riveting account of fine traditional Chinese culture.

The awards ceremony took place in Chongqing the other day, where Li Xikui, vice president of CPAFFC, Zhou Jianping, deputy director of CPAFFC Cultural Exchange Department, local PAFFC representatives, media professionals, shorts influencers and young students gathered to discuss the unique advantages of short videos in promoting cross-cultural communication. They also explored ways to bridge cultural differences so as to tell China’s stories in a way the global community not only understands but also finds captivating.

Angolan student Pascoal Manuel Calunga, on behalf of the HQU winning team, shared his life and study at HQU as well as his special award-collecting trip to Chongqing. “Following in President Xi’s steps, I’ve been to Gaoshan village in Xiamen, Fujian Province, and to Shibadong village in Hunan Province where the concept of targeted poverty alleviation was first proposed. This time, I came to Zhongyi township in Chongqing. I saw a township lift itself out of poverty, and realized it isn’t just a success story, but an epitome of the brilliant achievements in poverty alleviation. Hopefully, by recording the development of China through the lens, we can tell the most authentic and evocative stories of China to the rest of the world!”

Pascoal filmed a new short video from his observation and reflection in ZhongYi township, just five years after President Xi’s inspection tour to the same place.The video was reposted by mainstream media outlets such as huanqiu.com.

Pascoal Manuel Calunga (Second from Left) at Youth Dialogue on Intercultural Communication

huanqiu.com Shared the Video

(Editor: Wei Linying)

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