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HQU's Research Team Publishes in JACS

Release time:2023-12-25      Author:

Recently, the team of Associate Prof. Tian Chengbo and Prof. Wei Zhanhua from the Institute of Luminescent Materials and Information Displays and the College of Materials Science & Engineering, Huaqiao University (HQU), published a paper titled “Efficient Tin-Based Perovskite Solar Cells Enabled by Precisely Synthesized Single-Isomer Fullerene Bisadducts with Regulated Molecular Packing” in Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). JACS is the flagship journal of the American Chemical Society and the world’s preeminent journal in all of chemistry and interfacing areas of science, with its current impact factor of 16.383.

Tin-based perovskite solar cells (TPSCs) have received considerable attention in recent years, due to its suitable band gap, the small exciton binding energy, and the high carrier mobility. However, the commonly obtained fullerene bisadduct products are isomeric mixtures and require complicated separation. Moreover, the isomeric mixtures are prone to resulting in energy alignment disorders, interfacial charge loss, and limited device performance improvement. Designing and synthesizing fullerene bisadducts with a higher-lying conduction band minimum is promising to further improve the device performance of TPSCs.

Herein, the team synthesized single-isomer C60- and C70-based diethylmalonate functionalized bisadducts (C60BB and C70BB) by utilizing the steric-hindrance-assisted strategy and determined all molecular structures involved by single crystal diffraction. Meanwhile, they found that the different solvents used for processing the fullerene bisadducts can effectively regulate the molecular packing in their films. The dense and amorphous fullerene bisadduct films prepared by using anisole exhibited the highest electron mobility. Finally, C60BB- and C70BB-based TPSCs showed impressive efficiencies up to 14.51 and 14.28%, respectively. These devices also exhibited excellent long-term stability. This work highlights the importance of developing strategies to synthesize single-isomer fullerene bisadducts and regulate their molecular packing to improve TPSCs’ performance.

Under the instruction of Associate Prof. Tian Chengbo and Prof. Wei Zhanhua, the research was jointly completed by HQU postgraduate Yang Panpan and Ph.D. student Sun Chao. The research was sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, and the Research Foundation of Huaqiao University.

Link to paper: https://doi.org/10.1021/jacs.3c10515

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