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2023 “China’s Root Seeking Tour” Winter Camp in HQU Opens

Release time:2023-12-24      Author:

On December 22nd, the opening ceremony of the 2023 “China’s Root Seeking Tour” Winter Camp in Huaqiao University (HQU) was held at Xiamen Campus. 100 overseas Chinese teenagers from South Africa, Botswana, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Canada, led by 10 teachers from the American Shin Shin Education Foundation, South Africa’s Cape Town Hua Xing Arts Group, South Africa’s China International School in Cape Town, South Africa’s Durban Shu De Academy, African Chinese Language Education Foundation School, and Botswana Chinese Language Education Center gathered in Xiamen, Fujian Province, to start a 10-day “Root Seeking Tour”.

The Winter Camp was hosted by China Overseas Chinese Federation, organized by Fujian Overseas Chinese Federation, Huaqiao University (HQU) and Xiamen Overseas Chinese Federation, co-organized by the African Chinese Language Education Foundation, South Africa’s Cape Town Hua Xing Arts Group, and the American Shin Shin Education Foundation. With the theme of “Back to where we were born”, this tour aims to offer a platform for oversea Chinese to express their deep love and relentless pursuit of fine traditional Chinese culture, their sentimental attachment to the ancestral country and hometown, and their determination and belief in inheriting the fine traditional Chinese culture.

The Winter Solstice custom experience activities came right after the opening ceremony. Guests and overseas Chinese teenagers made jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) and tangyuan (a Chinese dessert made of sweet rice, rolled into balls and stuffed with sweet fillings) together. They also learned about traditional Chinese festivals and folk culture and experienced the festive atmosphere.

This Winter Camp will offer a range of courses in diverse forms for participants to learn Chinese language, make cultural and creative products of intangible cultural heritage, participate in cultural visits, and interact with college students through round table discussions and the board game of Monopoly. The tour also features sports and entertainment activities, such as the HQU ethnic orchestra concert, the Christmas Celebration, and Chinese New Year Gala. All of these activities expect to help overseas Chinese teenagers gain a deeper understanding of the economic, cultural, and socio-development achievements in the process of Chinese modernization, further enhancing their passion and motivation to learn Chinese culture and connect with their ancestors.

Winter Solstice Custom Experience Activities

Group Photo of Participants

(Editor: Wei Linying)

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