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Stage play Chengzhi puts on at HQU

Release time:2023-12-21      Author:

Chengzhi, the stage play recounting the stories of overseas Chinese unfolded flawlessly at the campus of Huaqiao University (HQU). The production has been a collaborative effort among over one hundred HQUers.

To thoroughly study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech on education, HQU carried out its school-based moral education plan for ideological-political courses. Work has been done in a coordinated manner, with an emphasis on staying true to HQU’s founding mission as being an institution “serving overseas Chinese”, and attempts to harness the relevance of the histories of overseas Chinese to the present times, so as to better tell the stories of overseas Chinese. HQU took the initiative to adapt ideological-political courses for this original stage play Chengzhi. The cast features teachers and students from home and abroad as well as alumni. The play delved deep into the annals of overseas Chinese and stood as the inaugural theatrical presentation of Liao Chengzhi who as the founding president of HQU worked tirelessly throughout his life to contribute to the establishment and the development of HQU. The play was recognized as one of the special projects in the fifth session of “Honoring Fine Traditional Chinese Culture”, a national university event sponsored by the Ministry of Education. In September 2023, Chengzhi was included in the list “Outstanding Original Literary and Artistic Works of Fujian Province” (the second batch), a program launched for supporting the creation of university original literary and artistic works.

Malaysian Student Telling Stories of Overseas Chinese

Scene Play The Journey Home

Recitation of Correspondence from Overseas Chinese (Qiaopi)

Source of Strength -- Drum Performance by Malaysian Students Festive Drums Team

The play was presented from the perspective of Malaysian student Luo Jiafang, and started with introducing a historical culture Qiaopi, a form of correspondence and remittance documents among overseas Chinese. Artfully merged factual accounts with elements including Qiaopi recitations, scenarios, choir performances, original songs and dances, and poetry recitations, the play portrayed key historical figures that have left an indelible mark on HOU’s history, bringing to life the Chengzhi spirit and patriotism among overseas Chinese that have shaped HQU’s identity, with the inspiring depiction of the triumphs, challenges, and transformative moments that have defined HQU’s evolution.

Lin Yanzhe, who played a patriotic returned overseas Chinese in the scene play The Journey Home, is a Malaysian Chinese student. He said, “I feel honored to be part of the play. My background shares some similarities with the character. It is amazing to be able to interpret the stories of returned patriotic overseas Chinese that I have heard from elders since childhood. It holds special significance for me. Being part of this production, I gained a profound understanding of the founding and development of HQU. I was deeply moved by the dedication of President Liao and Mr. Xu, and I am inspired by unwavering spirit and relentless aspiration at HQU over decades.”

Lively and cheerful Southeast Asian dances, dazzling diabolo spinning, street dance infused with distinctive Chinese elements, and emotive resonant vocal songs further enhanced the production, creating an enthralling visual and audial spectacle. These diverse performances showcased the open, diversified and inclusive campus cultural environment of HQU.

Deeply moved by the performance, the whole audience gasped with admiration at the dedication and commitment of generations of HQUers, and President Liao Chengzhi who never hesitated in taking resolute action to address risks and challenges in the establishment and restoration of HQU. Today looking for better ways to tell the stories of overseas Chinese, HQU students pledged to aim high but stay grounded, advance step by step with confidence, vigor and the spirit of HQU characterized by patriotism, dedication, responsibility, openness and inclusiveness as well as the pursuit of excellence.

Traditional Southeast Asian Dance

Street Dance

Diabolo Spinning

Chorus Stay True to Our Original Aspiration

(Editor: Wei Linying)

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