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HQU and Xiamen Star TV Jointly Launch “The Belt and Road Initiative” Micro-documentary Series

Release time:2023-10-17      Author:

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, the School of Journalism and Communication of Huaqiao University(HQU) and Xiamen Star TV specially planned and produced “The Belt and Road Initiative” micro-documentary series. The series are shot from the perspective of the overseas students from countries along the Belt and Road. Starting from their hometowns, the series offer a panorama picture of the struggles of those overseas Chinese with VLOGs. The micro-documentary series have been publicized on Xiamen TV and its integrated media platform, and promoted on mainstream video platforms such as Yangshipin.cn, Yangshiping Mobile Network, Xuexi.cn, Kan Xiamen APP, xmnn.cn, Toutiao.com, ixigua.com, Sina Weibo, etc., and also released on overseas video platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, attracting wide attention at home and abroad.

The documentary series “The Sea Mirrors the Rising Bright Moon - Stories of Overseas Chinese on the Silk Road” feature the overseas students studying in HQU such as Lim Shi Yu from Malaysia, AM KHAR and HNIN WAI OO from Myanmar, and Junier Wilyan Chang from Indonesia, etc, and sets up more than ten overseas film crews and overseas filming teams, with professional teachers from the School of Journalism and Communication serving as the chief planners of the program.The production team has travelled through five countries and seven cities to present the stories of the Chinese along the “Maritime Silk Road” with new ideas, new ways and new contexts in the form of  VLOG short documentaries.

The Sea Mirrors the Rising Bright Moon - Drumming in Penang

(Editor: Wei Linying)

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