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HQU Held a Seminar on Chinese Culture Translation and Communication

Release time:2023-10-16      Author:

On October 14, the Chinese Culture Translation and Communication Academic Seminar was held in the Science Hall of Tan Kah Kee Memorial Hall. The event was hosted by Huaqiao University(HQU), held by College of Foreign Languages and Press Center and co-organized by International Communication Talent Training Base, HQU. More than 50 experts and scholars from renowned universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, as well as over 130 faculty and student representatives of HQU participated in the event.

This seminar aims to implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, to expedite the development of Chinese discourse and narrative structure and establish a significant academic platform for the better job of "telling China's stories, and conveying China's voice". This event is also one of the noteworthy academic activities commemorating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the College of Foreign Languages, HQU.

Distinguished speakers from different universities and institutions gave keynote speeches, including Prof. Olivia Milburn from the University of Hong Kong, Prof. Sun Yifeng from the University of Macau, Dr. Yang Ping from the Chinese Academy of Translation, Prof. Chen Jing from Xiamen University, Prof. Hu Weihua from Xi’an Polytechnic University, Prof. Wang Jianhua from Huaqiao University, Prof. Martin Ward from the University of Leeds, and Professor Zhu Lin from Huaqiao University. The topics covered a range of translation-related fields, such as translation of Chinese historical novels, translation of contemporary literature, translation and communication of discourse with Chinese characteristics, cultivation of interpreting ability in the perspective of translation and communication, origin and interdisciplinary nature of translation and communication, construction of evaluation system for translation and communication of Chinese culture, translation of Chinese political discourse, and translation and communication of Chinese opera.

Four sub-forums and an expert round table forum were held. They were separately titled “Translation and Communication of Fine Traditional Chinese Culture”, “Translation and Communication of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Culture”, “Overseas Sinology and Translation of Chinese Classics”, “Talent Training of Foreign Translation and Communication in the New Era” and “Translation and Communication: Discipline Construction and International Talent Training”. The experts conducted academic explorations on the translation and communication of Chinese culture from various perspectives, including ecological translation, symbiotic translation, metaphorical translation, associative translation, machine-aided translation and translation communication.

Opening Ceremony of the Seminar

(Editor: Wei Linying)


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