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HQU Wins the Excellence Award in AYRA 2023

Release time:2023-08-12      Author:

The results of “2023 AsianYouth Rookie Award (Spring Competition)” have been announced recently. HQUers participated in the competition for the first time and achieved good results. The documentary “Hua Mi of Xunpu Village”, created by teachers andstudents of the School of Journalism and Communication [Creators: Li Huaying, Lin Yingying, Yang Shengkai (Hong Kong, China); Instructors: Guo Yanmei, Fang Jiacheng, Huang Huirong, Huang Shaoheng], won the Excellence Award.

The documentary tells a complicated story about Huang Peimei (Hua Mi), a villager from Xunpu Village of Quanzhou city. In order to protect the Jinqi area, the birthplace of Xunpu culture in her hometown, Hua Mi created the “DapuStreet” in Jinqi with her husband from Morocco, a country on the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, her mother Xiu Zhen, a typical “Xunpu” woman whose hair tied in a chignon featured with colorful flower garlands, her younger brother Rongbing, who dealt with online publicity, and a student team from HQU entrepreneurship program with members from Hong Kong, Macao and Malaysia. The tracking  shot started from the beginning of March, lasting two and a half months. The production team adopted the techniques of narrative montage and production sound recording to bring out the traditional customs, historical stories and protective value of “Xunpu” women in a multiple narrative, revealing the characters’ love for their homeland. The documentary also provides experience for promoting the intangible cultural heritage and rural revitalization.

The “2023 Asian Youth Rookie Award (Spring Competition)” is jointly hosted by Youth Humanities International Press Limited, International Youth(Hong Kong) Knowledge of Design Week, and Asian Youth Rookie Award Organizing Committee, aiming topool the strength of art design, tap the potential of young people, disseminate the value and promote the development of art design. The competition is committed to building an art design exchange platform for young people, inspiring their love for the art design industry, and promoting the exchange and cooperation between Chinese youth and international youth in the art and design field. Participants of this competition were from many well-known art schools and design institutions such as the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, China Academy of Art, City University of Hong Kong, as well as the Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology. The competition was publicized and supported by media platforms including Takungpao.com.hk,Bjqingnian.comJoy-edu.net.cnThe Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and Wired.

Poster of “Hua Mi of Xunpu Village”

Group Photo of Team Members and Subject Hua Mi

(Editor: Wei Linying)

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