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HQU Party Secretary Xu Xipeng Talks with Foreign Students about the Two Sessions

Release time:2023-03-06      Author:

China's 2023 Two Sessions are approaching.

Xu Xipeng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the secretary of HQU Party Committee spoke with 18 foreign students from ten countries including Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam, and South Africa, about current situations at home and abroad on the afternoon of March 1. Xu lectured the two sessions for foreign students and listened to what they expected and needed.

"Do you know what the two sessions are?""As a foreign student, what do you care about the two sessions in 2023?" Xu opened the dialogue by asking questions to encourage students to talk freely about the two sessions.

Zhou Ming, a Pakistani student from the class of 2026 of international education of Chinese language, said, "the Chinese government genuinely cares for its people very much, and visiting a doctor in China is very convenient. I’m at ease in China."

Ma Shunyu, a master's student from Myanmar, has been to many villages in Fujian province for social practice. "I was raised in rural Myanmar. Since rural China is developing quickly. I am interested in learning more from the two sessions about the mystery of rural revitalization."

Buiter from Angola said, "I give particular attention to the economic issues in the two sessions. My business, which mainly engages in trade between China and Angola, was newly created. I also hope by sharing my entrepreneurial experience, I might help other international students who wish to stay in China."

As the discussion progressed, Xu took notes while listening, engaged with the students who occasionally spoke, and explained to them various issues such as "the origin and development of China's political consultation system" and "the relationship between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization" based on the discussion topics.

Xu encouraged the foreign students to learn more about China's two sessions and introduce them to their friends from their own perspectives.

At the discussion

(Editor: Cai Juntao)

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