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HQU Signed a Strategic Cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products, CAF

Release time:2022-09-05      Author:

On September 2nd, Huaqiao University (HQU) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products (ICIFP) of Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF).Academician Jiang Jianchun, ICIFP Director Zhou Yonghong and Associate Directors Fang Guigan and Liu Junli, and HQU President Wu Jianping and Vice President Wang Lixia attended the signing ceremony.

In President Wu Jianping’s address, he introduced the history and work ideas of HQU, and highlighted the strategic cooperation with the ICIFP as a milestone in the further development of HQU since it meets the practical needs of HQU to serve Fujian in the new era.President Wu Jianping hopes that the two parties could give full play to their respective advantages through this strategic cooperation, further stimulating the innovation vitality of HQU teachers and students, accelerating the transformation of HQU’s scientific research achievements, and striving to improve the ability of HQU to serve the local economic and social development.

Director Zhou Yonghong expressed congratulations on the signing of cooperation. He said that the cooperation would help the two parties exchange and cooperate on a higher platform to achieve win-win development, and that the ICIFP would perform its duties and create working conditions in accordance with the agreement.

Academician Jiang Jianchun appreciated the trust of HQU and the support of the ICIFP. He said that he and his team would take this cooperation as an opportunity, exert advantages in all aspects and do their best to contribute to the economic and social development of the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Strait.

In accordance with the agreement and China’s strategic targets including carbon neutrality and Healthy China Initiative, HQU and the ICIFP will jointly establish an advanced research platform for carbon resources conversion under the guidance of Academician Jiang Jianchun. Furthermore, HQU and the ICIFP will combine their strengths and carry out in-depth cooperation in multiple fields including talent training, faculty development, discipline construction, scientific research and transformation of research achievements to promote the innovation-driven development of HQU and the ICIFP in education and scientific research.

The Personnel Department, Science and Technology Department of HQU and relevant departments of the ICIFP also attended the signing ceremony.

Scene of the Signing Ceremony

(Editor: Cai Juntao)

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