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HQU Fall 2022 Freshman Registration Begins

Release time:2022-09-04      Author:

September 3 is the registration day for 2022(Class of 2026)at Huaqiao University (HQU). Incoming students from home and abroad will start a new journey and chase their dreams on the beautiful campuses as HQUers, their new identity.

Students Around the World Arriving at HQU

HQU recruit both domestic and international students. Besides those from Chinese mainland, it enrolls 3,152 undergraduates from every continent except Antarctica, accounting for 36.8 percent of the total.The highest enrollments come from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China, and from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Students from Hong Kong even hit a record high of 1,737.

Most new students were born in 2004, and the youngest is only 14 years old. There are twins and even triplets.Among them, triplets Liang Zhiyong, Liang Zhiqiang, and Liang Zhiqun from Putian City were enrolled in Software Engineering, Law and Computer Science and Technology programs respectively.

Innovation and reform in education

Starting from this semester, HQU will carry out a “1 + 3” integrated training reform whereby the two campuses coordinate and complement each other. The program is piloted in the College of Tourism and the College of Information Science & Engineering. Students of Tourism Management from the College of Tourism will spend their first year on Xiamen campus, while Quanzhou campus will be home to Applied Physics students of the College of Information Science & Engineering for one year.

Receiving New Students

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