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HQU Adds 2 Master's Programs in Pharmacy and Applied Statistics

Release time:2022-07-31      Author:

Recently, with the approval of theAcademic Degree Committee of the State Council (ADCSC), Huaqiao University (HQU) independently added afirst-level discipline master’s program inPharmacyand aprofessional master’s program in Applied Statistics. Meanwhile, HQU canceled two first-level discipline master’s programs in Statistics and Biomedical Engineering. The university now offers 9 first-leveldiscipline doctoral programs, 25 first-level discipline master’s programs and 23 professional master’s programs.

The newly-added master’s program in Pharmacyis HQU’s firstmaster’s program in Medicine disciplines. It is oriented to people’s life and health, aiming at cultivating high-level talents for the emerging bio-medicine industry, and developing a “Bachelor-Master-Doctor” integrated talent training system in Pharmacy. Theprofessional master’s program in Applied Statisticsserves the united front work related to overseas Chinese affairs and the development of Fujian’s digital economy. With a focus on economic and financial statistics, big data science, and statistics pertaining to overseas Chinese, it aims to cultivate talents and provide intellectual support for the development in economy, finance, e-commerce, big data and other industries.

According to national regulations, any independently added degree program must receive the special qualification evaluation three years after it’s established. The program would be canceled if it’s graded unqualified. Graduate students already in the programs could continue with the original plan and obtain the degree according to the relevant requirements.

Since China launched the dynamic adjustment of degree programs in 2016, HQU has canceled 17 doctoral and master’s programs, and added 12 master’s programs. In 2022, HQU plans to add a first-level discipline doctoral program in Foreign Languages and Literature and a first-level discipline master’s program in Journalism and Communication.

(Editor: Cai Juntao)

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