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6,977 HQU Graduates Will Start a New Journey

Release time:2022-06-27      Author:

On June 26th, the graduation ceremony and degree conferment ceremony for class of 2022 of Huaqiao University(HQU)was respectively held in bothXiamenand Quanzhou campuses. With confidence,6,977 HQUgraduates will set offona new journey, pursuing their dreams.

The graduation ceremony was attended by HQU Secretary of the Party Committee Xu Xipeng, President Wu Jianping, Prof.Jiang Jianchun, Academician ofChinaEngineering Academy, University leaders Liu Bin, Bi Mingqiang, Wang Xiuyong, Wang Lixia, Lin Hongyu, Wan Anlunand Wang Jianhua, Assistant to the President Zhang Yunbo. They set the tassels straight and issued the degree certificates for the graduates.

Yang Jiawen, member of the All-China Youth Federation(ACYF), the director of the management committee of Beijing JingshLaw Firm, Quanzhou Office,analumnusfrom Class of 2008of the Law School, gave a speech as an alumni representative.

AcademicianJiang Jianchunand Chair Professor Wu Xiaoan, who joined HQU at the end of last year, spoke as faculty representatives.

Dueto Covid-19, someinternational studentswere not able to attend the graduation ceremonyon campus.16graduate representatives from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Angola, Cambodia and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China, sent videos to express their regret for not returning to school and their gratitude to HQU and teachers.

Zou Yu from the School of Materials Science and Engineering,the winner of“The Star of Chinese College Students’Self-improvement” and two-timenational scholarship, as well as Xu Yijie, a Hong Kong studentfrom the School of PoliticalScience and Public Administration,thewinner of “College Student Model” of HQU, spoke as representatives ofthegraduates.

Vice President Wang Xiuyong announced theawardingofoutstanding graduates,whileVice President Wang Lixia presided over the graduation ceremony and commenceddegreeawarding.Professor Wei Zhanhua from the Institute ofLuminescent Materials and Information Display served as the officiating guest with an academic scepter.

Graduates sang in chorusof songs“My People, My Country”, “The Wind Rises”, “New Boy” and “The Red Sun” as a warm-up showtosharetheirvision for the future and blessings to the motherland.

For the graduates2022, HQUhasdelicatelyprepared them witha three-piece graduation gift package:a set of customized masks with the iconic buildings of Quanzhou Campus, Xiamen Campus and Chinese Language and Culture College, some“Remembering the Taste of HQU”meal couponsand a commemorative card of graduation oath.In addition, schoolfilmed graduation MVs and made all graduates albums and broadcasted them on the spot, allowing them to recall their unforgettable moments in HQU campus. The graduation ceremony was streamed live on the Internet, attracting 237,000 viewers.

HQU Officiating Guests and Honoured Guests Entering the Ceremony Hall

Xu Xipeng, Secretary of HQU Party Committee, Setting the Tassels Straight for the Graduates

President Wu Jianping Delivering a Speech

Academician Jiang Jianchun Attended the Graduation Ceremony on Xiamen Campus, Setting the Tassels Straight for Graduates and Speaking as a Representative of Teachers

Officiating Guests Setting the Tassels Straight and Issuing the Degree Certificates for the Graduates

International Students, Who Were Unable to Return to HQU, Sending the Video to Express Their Gratitude to HQU

Oath-taking of the Graduates

Highlights of the Graduation Ceremony

(Editor: Cai Juntao)

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