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HQU Co-hosts the 2022 Forum on Construction and Development of BPI Center

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The 2022 Forum on Construction and Development of BRICS PartNIR Innovation (BPI) Center was held in Xiamen on June 14. The forum provided a high-end platform for the experts to fully discuss Xiamen’s responsibilities and practical exploration in advancing the high-quality construction of BPI Center under the backdrop of BRICS China Year. The latest results of BPI Think Tank Cooperation Alliance were also released.

The forum centered on the theme of “the BRICS China Year and the Construction of BRICS PartNIR Innovation Center: New Responsibilities, New Plans and New Practices”. Eight experts and scholars from the BPI Think Tank Cooperation Alliance delivered keynote speeches and carried out in-depth discussions. Professor Lin Hongyu, vice-president of Huaqiao University (HQU), presented the conference as an invited expert and delivered a keynote speech on thechallenges and opportunities in the current BRICS cooperation.

The authorizing ceremony for BRICS PartNIR Innovation centers was also held during the forum, and the College of International Relations of HQU received the honor as a member of the Think Tank Cooperation Alliance and one of the demonstration centers.

The series of books entitledThe Report on BRICS Country Studies, commissioned by the BPI Center Construction Leading Group Office in Xiamen and co-authored by the HQU BRICS research team, were also released during the forum. The series consist of four volumes: Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, written in a unified style to introduce the politics, economy, diplomacy, industry, think tanks and other aspects of each country. The books approach the BRICS countries through historical review, policy study, data analysis and others, with a focus on each country’s national industries, science and technology innovation, international cooperation and its bilateral cooperation with China. The books also propose constructive suggestions for reference in our policy-making.

This forum was hosted by the BPI Center Construction Leading Group Office in Xiamen and co-hosted by the College of International Relations of HQU.

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