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HQU Alumna in Laos Publishes Book in China

Release time:2021-10-22      Author:Wu Jianghui, Zhao Linting & Zhang Luoying

China and ASEAN Community with a Shared Futureis available in China’s bookstores.

A book titled China and ASEAN Community with a Shared Futurewas publishedin China recently.The book discusses connections between China and ASEAN, and presents a foreigner’s understanding of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and its proposal of “a community with a shared future for mankind”.

The author Souliya Mounnarath is a young scholar of National University of Laos. She once studied in China, first in the Chinese Language and Culture College of Huaqiao University (HQU), and then in China Foreign Affairs University for her master’s degree and doctorate.

Souliya is a native of Laos. When she was at the third grade of primary school, she was transferred to the well-known Liaodu Chinese School, a partner school of HQU, and that’s when she started to learn Chinese. Graduating at the top of her class in high school, Souliya came to China to study Chinese language and culture at HQU with scholarship.

Souliya speaks at a conference.

Dedicated to widely recruiting students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas, HQU has attracted young people around the world. The harmonious and inclusive campus culture here gave Souliya enough space to show and to grow. She was always active. In singing competitions and other shows, she performed Laos traditional singing and dancing. She introduced Southeast Asian culture on air while working at the campus radio. She also took part in Xiamen Marathon with her teachers and classmates as one of the earliest participants of this sports event.

Souliya was elected as the head of the overseas student liaison department for her outstanding performance, becoming the first overseas student leader of the campus student union. She made friends with students from China, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia at HQU, and they are still in touch.

Souliya (second from the left) wins a prize in the Top Ten Singers Competition of the Chinese Language and Culture College of HQU.

After graduating from HQU in 2006, Souliya was recruited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lao PDR for her fluent Chinese and study experience in China. In her spare time, she taught Chinese at Liaodu Chinese School, repaying her alma mater with what she had learned and actively transmitting Chinese culture. In 2011, she came back to China for further studies at China Foreign Affairs University.

In 2019, Souliya joined the National University of Laos, engaging herself in the international exchanges and cooperation work, especially those with China.

Souliya has always been committed to the exchanges between China and Laos after graduation. She attended the China-ASEAN Youth Summit as a youth delegate from Laos, made a speech at the forum memorizing the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth in Yan’an, China, and worked as an interpreter for the Lao-Chinese reciprocal visits on many occasions. She was also invited to the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations as a representative of Laos in 2019.

This year marks the 60thanniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Laos as well as the 30thanniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN dialogue relations, and the bookChina and ASEAN Community with a Shared Futurecame out right for the time.In the book, Souliya reviews the history of ASEAN, and envisions a better future for ASEAN under the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the proposal of “a community with a shared future for mankind” in the light of her own experiences as well as numerous cases.

(Editor: Cai Juntao)

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