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HQU Helps Thai Officials Achieve High Pass Rate on HSK Test

Release time:2021-08-19      Author:

The latest results of the Chinese Proficiency Test (known as HSK testadministered by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China) were released. Thirty-three Thai officials from the Royal Police Headquarters, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Labor and other departments of Thailand registered for the HSK Level IV (27) and HSK Level III (6) held in July. The average pass rate is 91%, and the pass rate of HSK Level IV is as high as 96%. 26 test takers earned a distinction grade (over 240 points out of 300), accounting for 79% of the total .

Their good performance in the examinations was hard-earned with much help and support rendered by Huaqiao University (HQU).

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, in order to continuously improve the Chinese level of Thai civil servants, the relevant departments of Thai government hoped that they would extend the long-term friendly cooperation with HQU, and that HQU would go on providing assistance to their officials in Chinese learning at this critical time when the world is fighting the pandemic. After thorough discussions between the two parties, HQU tailored a crash course in Chinese to the needs of Thai officials with little or no prior knowledge of Chinese language. Since September 15 last year, teachers of the College of Preparatory Education had been arranged to give Thai students online Chinese courses on the evenings and weekends.

Given that the study period of the Thai students was only 10 months, the College of Preparatory Education had to combine language learning efficiency and the specific language teaching objective of Thai adult learners. They made full use of their valuable experience in improving Chinese language skills and offering language crash courses. Adhering to the teaching philosophy of incorporating culture into language teaching and learning, the program offered language classes, practice classes, and cultural tour classes, focusing on guiding students to “discovery learning”. Knowledge learning, skill training, cultural experience and achievement test were integrated into classroom instruction, after-class life and language practice, which could create an environment for learning and using Chinese, enhance students’ sense of immersion, participation and achievement, and increase their learning effectiveness. At the same time, great efforts were also made not only to boost these Thai learners’ elementary Mandarin with culture lessons, but also to present a realistic, multi-dimensional and panoramic view of China and promote exchanges and dialogues between China and Thailand.

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