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HQU Completed Online 2020 Graduate Re-examination

Release time:2020-07-02      Author:Luo Yigao from Graduate School

On June 30th, the online re-examination of Huaqiao University (HQU) for graduates of 2020 was successfully completed with the last examinee ending the interview. Thirty-one graduate enrollment units of HQU have totally arranged 248 times of online re-examinations for more than 2,700 candidates.


Till now, HQU has also fulfilled the admission for domestic graduates, which plans to enroll 1,884 postgraduate students, including 1,520 full-time students with a year-on-year growth of 19 percent, and 89 doctoral students with the proportion of full-time students reaching 100 percent for the first time. 


HQU carried out the on-line re-examination for the first time due to the special period of COVID-19 prevention and control. Since early March, the University has started to prepare the work plans and rules, the Graduate School also trained relevant staff to practice the online re-examination procedures again and again to ensure the optimal operation.


The members of review group connect with the examinees remotely by a large electronic screen in the examination room throughout the process, and conduct comprehensive interviews in terms of professional courses and foreign languages. They use the online platform to uniformly construct "main platform" and "standby platform". The examinees must participate in the examination by setting up two cameras with one for the front side and another for the rear side to make sure everything is in order. The re-examination involves rigorous checking for qualifications, with the help of the population information database of the Ministry of Public Security to conduct face recognition and ID card recognition. It compares examinees' information with the application database on China Higher Education Student Information (CHSI) Website, student status and education background database, population information database, and examinees’ integrity archives database, etc., to strictly avoid "substitute examination". To ensure the fairness and justice of the re-examination, HQU establishes a randomized examination mechanism in three aspects, namely, "random exam sequence", "random tester" and "random interview questions".

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