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HQU Secures 2019 Business Development Research Achievement Award

Release time:2020-06-02      Author:College of Business Administration

China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has recently released the results of 2018-2019 Business Development Research Achievement Award. Zhang Xiangqian and his research team from College of Business Administration, Huaqiao University, won the Excellence Award of Report with their publication titled Research on Chinese Government Purchases Services, Social Capital Cooperation and Development of Social Organizations.


The report, based on Public Governance, Government and Market Failure, Social Organization Management and other related theories, starts off from the past and the present of Chinese government’s purchases services, social capital cooperation and development of social organizations. The research studies a multi-agent governance mechanism whereby the government, with the assistance of social organizations, leads and stimulates social investment, enhances the supply capacity of public goods, and promotes the advantage complementarity and integration of various capitals. Such a practice gives full play to the benefits of market-oriented allocation of public services, and establishes with social capital a mechanism of benefit sharing, risk partaking and long-term cooperation. It also meets the public’s layered and individualized demand for the supply of public services, creates an all-win situation for government, social organizations, and the public, and provides effective theoretical support and policy suggestions for relevant decision-makers.


The MOFCOM social science award aims at strengthening researches on business strategy and policy, promoting the prosperity of business theories, and encouraging units and individuals nationwide that engage themselves in business theory and policy research and practical work to improve the quality and level of research. It also focuses on the accelerated cultivation of business research personnel, and targets at establishing and improving the mechanism of scientific research in business. The award is designed to award forward-looking and innovative works, papers and research reports with high theoretical and academic value in the field of business, as well as other research results that have an important impact on government decision-making and practical work. It is divided into four categories: papers, works, reports and policy research, covering domains such as world economy, international trade, circulation economy and business law. It is the most authoritative ministerial government award of China in the business field.


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