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HQU Welcomes the First Batch of Returned Students

Release time:2020-05-13      Author:Liu Pei & Hou Bin from Media Center

On May 13th, the first day of returning to school, the first batch of 90 students from Fujian province and other non-key regions came back to Huaqiao University (HQU).


HQU has made sufficient preparations to welcome the students. Guan Yifan, Party Secretary of HQU, Xu Xipeng, President of HQU, and Vice Presidents Peng Pei and Wang Xiuyong successively inspected the campus access, temperature monitoring sites, canteens, and the accessibility and operation of other relevant facilities.


At the school gate, special access has been set for students returning to school. After the registration process of "firstly check", "secondly verify", "thirdly inspect" and "fourthly pass", namely checking temperature, scanning Sign in Code, showing their ID card for verification, and receiving the inspection of the Health Code, students can finally enter the school. The staff of the Security Department strictly observe the school gate and guide the returning students’ registration; and the staff from the HQU Hospital are also ready to deal with fever emergency situations.


In the student community, the staff initiated the preparation very early, establishing corresponding accounts for each dormitory building by screening the information of returning students. The stuff also prepared water, electricity and other fundamental supplies in place, conducted health inspection for the dormitory management personnel, and connected with the college. They cleaned the dormitory in advance, so as to facilitate the move-in of students.    


In the canteen, each table is pasted with notices of "single dining" and "sitting in the same direction", and the staff behind the food window are complete with masks, gloves, aprons and other equipment. There are not many teachers and students dining in the canteen, and they strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention to keep distance and eat in order. In addition, in order to reduce contact and control the flow of people, canteens also launched take-out service.


Each college also welcomes returning students in the way of "point-to-point" and "person-to-person". Jia Shuo, the counselor of School of Economics and Finance, waited early in front of the school gate to guide the returning students to move into the dormitories and sent them the anti-epidemic gift bag, which includes masks, wipes, alcohol and disinfectant.


HQU will arrange the second and third batch of students to return to school on May 27th, June 14th and June 15th.

Special Access for Students Returning to School


Checking Temperature


Scanning Sign in Code and Verifying ID Card

Checking into Dormitory


Eating in Order in Canteen


Anti-epidemic Prevention Gift Bag


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