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Gathering the Power of Youth: HQU Fights COVID-19 Outbreak without Delay

Release time:2020-02-05      Author:Xie Yumei from FJSEN and Wu Jianghui from HQU Media Center

Feb. 4th (FJSEN) --- Facing the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Huaqiao University (HQU) responded quickly and took urgent action to gather the faculty, students and alumni to mobilize, deploy and implement the prevention and control measures, and fight the epidemic together.


After the outbreak of COVID-19, HQU quickly deployed and established a leading team for the epidemic prevention and control, with Guan Yifan, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Xu Xipeng, President of HQU as the team leaders. Though it was during Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) holiday, more than 60 members of Communist Party of China (CPC) from 12 key units in charge took the initiative to give up their holidays and work for several days running in the front line. They became the main working force and fulfilled their missions and responsibilities to the faculty and students by leading the majority of party members to charge ahead, engage in the prevention and control among teachers and students, rescue and teaching guarantees, publicity and education, as well as safety and stability control.


HQU instantly issued Work Pre-plan for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Huaqiao University, published six consecutive school-wide notifications, and introduced 25 working systems covering joint prevention and control, information and report release, work shifts and security guarantee, material security, warning notification, as well as inspection and testing. In the past few days, the battle against the epidemic keeps going and a series of work has been carried out such as daily investigation of infectious cases among teachers and students and of various groups in the school, science popularization of the basic knowledge on COVID-19 prevention, the opening of psychological support hotlines, the control of school gates, making room for medical observation isolation and adjusting arrangements related to teaching work for undergraduate and graduate timely.


Everyone should contribute to the epidemic prevention and control. In response to national and school appeals, HQU alumni gave "love" back to their alma mater. Mr. Roongroj Pengjam, a 2019 Thai graduate of Chinese Language and Cultural College, donated 7,000 masks which were purchased with his 10,000 yuan scholarship of HQU’s Principal Special Prize. Hong Kong alumnus Lei Kayin also purchased 10,000 masks and donated them to HQU. Thai alumni of Foreign Government Officials' Chinese Class at HQU recorded a video in Chinese to express their condolences to Chinese friends and cheer for China. The Alumni of Engineering College helped constructing the experimental system of Huoshenshan Hospital and the Wuhan video conference system, contributing to the fight against the epidemic in their respective fields.


Teachers of School of Medicine provided professional support by undertaking the R&D of the "COVID-19 in vitro rapid test kits" of Quanzhou, Fujian Province. In addition, students of School of Arts created posters to promote scientific knowledge on the epidemic prevention and pay respect to the medical staff --- the most beautiful countermarching people. The students of School of Medicine issued the Proposal on Establishing the Youth Commando for COVID-19 Prevention and Control and part of them have participated in local volunteer service activities to help with the body temperature testing organized by the local government; a service team composed of 5 students from College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation volunteered to assist the production and service of mask companies in Xiamen, contributing "HQU powers" to for the epidemic prevention; students enrolling in 2017 of School of Economics and Finance created a song named Waiting for Cherry to Blossoms Again, showing respect to all the "most beautiful heroes" in the fight against the epidemic.


At present, all the prevention and control work of HQU has been active, effective and in order, which has safeguarded the health and safety of the faculty and students.

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