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HQU Releases 2019 Employment Report

Release time:2020-01-10      Author:Yu Huiwu and Zhou Bo from College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship /Student Employment Guidance Ce

On January 10th, the Student Employment Guidance Center of Huaqiao University (HQU) released Annual Report on Employment of HQU Graduates 2019 (see https://bys.hqu.edu.cn/info/1006/18857.htm). The Report reveals the following six characteristics:


First, the employment situation has been stable at a high level. The overall employment rate of 2019 graduates is 98.05%, and the job satisfaction rate is 90.74%. 76.09% of them work in jobs that are related to their majors, and their salaries average 6,014.72 RMB per month.


Second, HQU's superior disciplines serve important national industries. More than 30% of the graduates obtain positions in the two major industries: Manufacturing, and Information Transmission, Software and Information Technology Services; over 30% are employed as "Engineering and Technical Personnel", which is a strong indication of the university's edge in science and engineering.


Third, HQU graduates keep on serving the local development. In recent years, the graduates have mainly chosen to stay in Fujian for employment, accounting for 53.36% in 2019, of which 50.00% are PhDs, 39.64% with master degree, and 56.11% bachelor degree, providing human resources for local economic and social development.


Fourth, HQU graduates are widely recognized by employers. Employers have rated 91.84% of them as "very satisfied" and "relatively satisfied"; compared with other universities’ graduates in terms of competence and quality, 81.25% of enterprises consider HQU graduates are "very advantageous" and "relatively advantageous".


Fifth, grassroots employment and volunteering services have become common for graduates. Through policy promotion and guarantee, HQU encourages its graduates to underdeveloped regions or abroad for economic development and traditional Chinese culture promotion. In 2019, the university commended 72 graduates for choosing grassroots employment and voluntary services.


Sixth, the number of 2019 graduates that choose to pursue further study at home and abroad is increasing, making up 18.28% of all the grads. Among them, 740 students have been accepted respectively by Peking University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and other domestic elite universities and research institutes, accounting for about 60%. Those going abroad total 311, an increase of 1.14% compared with the number of the last year, and the UK and Australia are their major destinations.


According to the statistics, a total of 14 fresh graduates decide to start their own business, mostly "with teams", followed by "online startups". They are mainly in the fields of education, culture and art, and 93.33% of them are satisfied with the entrepreneurial status.


In addition, compared with previous reports, the Report collects more questionnaires with a total of 3,021 valid ones, a response rate of 52.55%. It covers a wider range, and around 90% professional questionnaires receive exceeding 40% responses; It also covers multiple dimensions, including graduate students' feedback on classroom teaching, practice teaching and teachers, making the Report more diverse and detailed.

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