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HQU Delegation Visits the Netherlands, Hungary and Italy

Release time:2019-10-17      Author:Chinese Language and Culture College 

From October 1st to 10th, Zeng Lu, Vice President of Huaqiao University (HQU), led a delegation to the Netherlands, Hungary and Italy, aiming to promote the cooperation between HQU and the local higher education institutions and Chinese language and culture education institutes, and expand the brand programs for international exchanges.


During the stay in the Netherlands, the delegation visited Chinese Education Association in the Netherlands and the two most influential Chinese language schools, namely Danhua Culture & Education Centre and Stichting Chinese School Delft. They held a symposium with the front-line Chinese language teachers on the theme of "Teaching Materials and Methods of Chinese Language School in the Internet Age" and discussed curriculum and teaching materials.

The delegation holds a symposium with the local Chinese language teachers in the Netherlands.


The overseas Chinese language teachers said they expected to rely on HQU to learn about the most advanced and practical Chinese teaching methods in China and enrich the teaching tools and materials overseas. Zeng Lu introduced HQU's mission of serving the overseas Chinese and spreading Chinese culture, and its development strategy of constructing an elite university with overseas Chinese education and studies. He stressed that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the fields of Chinese teacher training and internet teaching platform development.


During the stay in Hungary, the delegation visited Roland University, The Chan Wu International Federation in Hungary and JINQIAO Chinese Language Training Center. Zeng Lu welcomed academic researches jointly conducted by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Research Center of Roland University and HQU. They summed up the experience of Chinese teaching in Hungary to enhance the further development of the BRI Chinese education.

The delegation visits Roland University in Hungary.


In the Chan Wu International Federation in Hungary, the delegation listened to the course introductions to Chinese Kung Fu, Chan Buddhism, tea ceremony, painting and calligraphy. The Federation spreads Chinese culture through the carrier of "Chinese Martial Arts". After years of development, it has nine member states, including the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Spain and Canada, with wide influence.

On a tour to Italy, the delegation paid a visit to the Oriental University of Naples, Naples Music Conservatory (San Pietro a Maiella), Italian Chinese-Italian School and Roman Chinese Language School.


Founded in 1732, Oriental University of Naples, is the first university in Europe to teach Chinese and other oriental languages. It is also the major Italian university to carry out non-European languages and cultural studies. Elda Morlicchio, the President, received the delegation and the two sides held a discussion on student and faculty exchanges. Last year, the University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HQU, and sent a master majoring in Italian teaching to HQU, who offered an elective course in Italian for the undergraduates, which is very popular with students.


Zeng Lu and Professor Maestro Carmine Santaniello, President of Naples Music Conservatory (San Pietro a Maiella), introduced the history, scale and advantages of the two universities respectively. Zeng Lu expected strengthening cooperation between the two universities on students and faculty exchanges and joint concerts in the future. 


The delegation visits Naples Music Conservatory (San Pietro a Maiella).

The delegation visits Italian Chinese-Italian School.


Italian Chinese-Italian School, an overseas admission office of HQU, has sent two students to HQU since 2018. The delegation held a meeting there to introduce HQU's programs, taking the opportunity of enrollment promotion to boost the international cooperation in the joint running of Chinese and Italian universities.


In Roman Chinese Language School, the delegation met and talked with the principal, teachers and parent representatives. Zeng Lu introduced the background and orientation of HQU, highlighted the scholarship programs and encouraged new overseas Chinese to return to China for education, acquaint themselves with the motherland, and experience its rapid development. The parents expressed their willingness to send their children to study in China and apply to HQU.


The delegation also visited the Wencheng Township in Southern Italy and the European Federation of the Wencheng Chinese (Associations) to learn about the development and needs of overseas Chinese associations.


The delegation also includes leaders of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Department of Chinese Language and Culture Education, and Chinese Language and Culture College of HQU.



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