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HQU Students and Faculty Enjoy New Year's Dinner

Release time:2018-02-15      Author:Zhang Weijian; Sun Hong

On Feb. 14th, 2018, two days before Chinese New Year, a dinner party was held respectively at Nanyuan Dining Hall (Quanzhou Campus) and Zijing the Second Canteen (Xiamen Campus) of Huaqiao University (HQU), where nearly 700 students and faculty from home and abroad gathered together for the coming Year of Dog. Secretary of the Party Committee of HQU, Guan Yifan, and President of HQU, Xu Xipeng, attended the dinner party and sent Hongbao (red envelopes) and New Year’s greetings to them.

Among the 906 students staying at HQU during 2018 Chinese New Year, 664 are from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and 27 foreign countries including Angola, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc.

"It is my first time and maybe last time to celebrate Chinese New Year at the university. I hope I can bring home with me wonderful memories of the festival." Myanmese student Sha Jinliang said. Here in Nanyuan Dining Hall, the 22-year-old girl was enjoying delicacies in her splendid traditional attire with over 180 staying students and faculty.

"I'm about to graduate and it's hard to say goodbye to the university, to my teachers and to my friends from all corners of the world. That's why I stay here this winter vacation. I want to experience an authentic Chinese New Year." The fourth-grade International Economics and Trade major added.

She also told us that in Myanmar, they tend to celebrate New Year on January 1st and the Water Festival in April. Although she had seen overseas Chinese in Myanmar celebrating Spring Festival before, it was her first time to enjoy the Chinese New Year in person.

For days, Sha and the other international students from Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian nations have rambled in the older neighborhoods of Quanzhou City, experiencing the authentic and amazing traditional Chinese New Year culture for the first time. "All the streets are elaborately decorated. Wherever we are, it’s a sea of happiness." Sha said, "On the first day of Chinese New Year, we plan to cycle around the ancient city and celebrate together."

"Regardless of my desire to go home, I stay on campus for the Chinese New Year with hard-won permission from my family." Hong Kong student Qiu Wenjie said. He has long heard of the New Year dinner party, "It's not only a feast. At the party, there are also shows from international students and Lishi (referring to red envelopes in Cantonese-speaking regions) from the university leaders. Just like a mini Spring Festival Gala."

Qiu, in his third grade, was not lonely, though it was his first time celebrating this festival without his family. "With so many 'families' here in the university, care from the faculty and company of my school mates, I bet I will enjoy a warm and unforgettable Chinese New Year." He added.

Huayuan Chunse (Spring at HQU), Ruiguo Fengnian (A Bumper Harvest), Jinbang Timing (Success in Every Examination), Hehe Meimei (In Perfect Harmony)… Dishes in auspicious names were served, conveying best wishes for Chinese New Year. Zhuang Jianlun from the Philippines was busy taking photos before enjoying the meal, saying, "I'm going to post them on social networks and call my family to share with them my happiness."

Students enjoy New Year dinner party.


Guan gives out Hongbao to students. (photo by Lin Yiqi)

Xu gives out Hongbao to students.

International students at the dinner (photo by Lin Yiqi)

Students show their Hongbao. (photo by Lin Yiqi)



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