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HQU Releases 2018 Employment Report

Release time:2019-01-11      Author:Meng Dongying

On January 10th, 2019, the Student Career Development Center of Huaqiao University released Employment Annual Report 2018 (see http://bys.hqu.edu.cn/info/1006/15437.htm).


The Report reveals the employment rate for the 5,561 Class of 2018 to be 99.46% as of December 2018, slightly higher than that of last year. 69.24% of them work in jobs that are related to their majors, and their salaries average 5,750.45 RMB per month. By geographic area, a majority of the graduates find employment in East China and South China, around 67.94% and 12.02% respectively. By industry, over 30% graduates obtain positions in Manufacturing and Information Transmission, Software and Information Technology and Services, a strong indication of the university’s edge in sciences and engineering. Employers report an overall satisfaction rate as high as 98.39% for HQU grads, with a 90% plus satisfaction rate in multiple abilities, including those of problem-solving, teamwork, planning and organizing, communication and independent learning.


The Report also indicates that 731 domestic students opt for further study at home and 237 abroad, accounting 17.41% of all the graduates. For those who continue education domestically, around 60% enroll in renowned universities or research institutes, the likes of Tsinghua University and Beijing University, while roughly 65% of those going abroad are accepted by top 500 universities in the world. Their overall satisfaction rate exceeds 90%. 


Nine of the Class of 2018 choose to start their own business, mostly an LLC or self-employed in the field of culture, sports and entertainment, with an investment scale below 1 million yuan. More than 65% of them express optimism about their prospects.


Since HQU recruits the nation’s largest number of international students, 700 full-time international students from 23 countries and regions feature the graduating class of 2018. Under the guidance of the introducing activities that are targeted towards students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas, these graduates actively participate in career talks and on-campus recruitment. Most of them return home after graduation, devoting themselves to the development of local politics, economy and culture.


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