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Quanzhou Wishes for a Better Future for HQU

Release time:2018-12-24      Author:Liu Pei

On December 24th, Kang Tao, Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), paid a visit to Huaqiao University and had a meeting with representatives of teachers and students.


Guan Yifan, Secretary of the CPC HQU Committee, presided over the meeting. Xu Xipeng, President of HQU, gave a brief introduction on HQU's strategy of developing itself into an elite university with overseas Chinese education and studies as its feature. He illustrated HQU's service for the economic and social development of Quanzhou in terms of talent cultivation, scientific research, cultural inheritance and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation, and social services. Xu also gave a report on HQU's implementation of the special action plan in accordance with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech in Jinan University.


Kang Tao spoke highly of the achievement of HQU. He mentioned that since the establishment in 1960, HQU had been strictly adhering to the education policy of CPC and committing to the development of building an elite university with overseas Chinese education and studies as its feature. HQU has now been thriving in every program and provided Quanzhou with solid talent and intelligence support.


Kang pointed out that in order to promote HQU's strategy of developing itself into an elite university with overseas Chinese education and studies as its feature, the university firstly should take on the special school mission, aiming to serve overseas Chinese and promote Chinese culture; secondly, Quanzhou and HQU should enhance the cooperation in innovation development and cultural inheritance, boosting the mutual development, as "a city will be well-known for its universities, whereas a university will be prosperous for its city"; finally, joint construction of Quanzhou and HQU should be implemented to support the build of high level university. He noted that Quanzhou will continually carry out the fifth joint construction agreement for the development of HQU, by providing all kinds of assistance, support and convenience in campus expansion, discipline construction, student entrepreneurship and teaching facilities improvement, etc.


Guan Yifan mentioned that it is the strong support of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and people from all walks of life that promote the development of HQU. HQU takes pride in Quanzhou's history and culture, as well as the development and change of Quanzhou during 40 years' reform and opening-up. Kang Tao's visit to HQU will definitely be beneficial for the further development of HQU.


Others presented at the meeting were Wu Jihuai, Vice President of HQU, Liu Bin, Vice Secretary of the CPC HQU Committee, leaders from relevant offices, and representatives of teachers and students.


At the Meeting


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