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Marbury: HQU Is Great, and I Love It!

Release time:2018-10-30      Author:Wu Jianghui, Qiu Wenyu, Li Qianqian, Lin Gangyu


The Group Photo of Marbury and His Fans from HQU

      Basketball star Marbury turned up at Xiamen campus of Huaqiao University on the afternoon of October 29th. He communicated with the students in an unassuming way, teaching them basketball on the spot, savouring the dragon boat and visiting the university sports culture exhibition. In this connection, he sensed the prevailing sports culture of HQU.

     Once an NBA sensation, Lone Wolf Marbury used to play in the CBA as a foreign player, winning 3 championships with the Beijing Ducks in the year of 2012, 2014 and 2015. He then got a Chinese green card.


Marbury shakes hand with his fans.

      During the timeout, Marbury coached the students in a professional way. "These students have displayed good basic skills, though they could be more sophisticated tactically." He said.

      At the end of the match, the students gave Marbury a fancy present, a well-framed Chinese paper-cutting work of his image, to show their affection for him. Later, they came up to Marbury and took photos with him to capture the moment.


Marbury has a taste of the dragon boat.

      In the dragon boat training base, Marbury's attention was instantly captured by the crew in yellow uniforms with paddles in their hands. He came up for a group photo, and then boarded the boat for a firsthand experience. "Work hard!" "Work hard!"... Marbury started to lead the cheer for them.
     As he got off the boat a few minutes later, Marbury gave a cry of delight, "wow!" Clearly, he was still lost in it. He commended the paddlers for their adeptness and then took selfies with them all.
     On the 26th floor of the administration building, Marbury visited the sports culture exhibition with great attention. Noticing the pictures of 3x3 World University League Finals held at HQU and of Yao Ming attending the event, he got excited and recorded these images with his phone. 
     On the same day, HQU Vice President Peng Pei met with Marbury and invited him to attend the opening ceremony of the 3x3 World University League 2018 Finals at HQU on November 15th. Marbury accepted the invitation without hesitation. Peng also expressed his hope that Marbury could frequent HQU, coach the basketball team, and nurture more basketball talent jointly with the university. "I feel so privileged. I’d love to." Marbury said, indicating that he would commit himself to basketball training in the future time.





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