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Freshmen from Home and Abroad Register at Huaqiao University

Release time:2018-09-08      Author:Student Reporters

      On September 8th, freshmen from all over the world registered at Huaqiao University.

      Early in the morning, the welcoming work has already been in a perfect order on both Quanzhou and Xiamen campuses.


Freshmen walk into HQU.


Guan Yifan, Party Secretary of HQU and Xu Xipeng, President of HQU, visit registration booths, talk to the freshmen and take a photo with students from Angola.


Guan Yifan and Xu Xipeng talk to students at the registration booth.


Freshmen go through registration procedures.


A senior shows the freshmen the simulated cabin in the College of Xiamen Air.


A freshman of the School of Law receives a personalized folding fan.


Students of the College of Engineering present a 3D printer and aerocrafts to the freshmen.


Students of the College of Chemical Engineering present and invite the freshmen to experience making floriculture.


Students of the School of Arts portray for waiting parents during registration.

      According to statistics, post-00s account for 70% of the undergraduate freshmen, 3,979 of whom were born in year 2000, signifying a strong landing of post-00s generation on HQU.


Students of the College of Music and Dance welcome the freshmen with flash mob dancing.


A freshman takes photos with the mascot of the School of Economics and Finance.


A China-Ryukyu Taiko Show is being presented by students of the College of Foreign Languages.

      This year, HQU welcomed its first students from Turkmenistan and Malawi. Fu Shan from the College of Tourism is the very first one from Turkmenistan to study in HQU and one of the first HQU international students who has won the Chinese Government Scholarships.

      Li Kaibin, from the College of Physical Education, is about to be absent from the opening ceremony because he is now participating in the Malaysian national games as the captain of Jit Sin Independent High School basketball team.

      Lv Xiuyuan, an Angolan student of the College of Civil Engineering, is a member of the Young Science and Technology Talents Class of the Angolan Government.

      There are over 9,000 freshmen this year in HQU, including undergraduates and graduates. The opening ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 9th.


Fu Shan from Turkmenistan registers in the College of Tourism.


Students of Chinese Language and Culture College, dressed up in national costumes, welcome the newcomers.


"Sign in and sign up!"


"We are waiting for you, be it rain or shine!"


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