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HQU Organizes Loong and White Elephant Social Practice

Release time:2018-08-09      Author:Lai Yucheng

      On August. 4th, as the two-week Huaqiao University (HQU) social practice Loong & White Elephant Overseas Communication of Chinese Culture drew to an end, a closing ceremony was held at the Suwankiri Center, Suratthani, Thailand. The event was attended by Trairong Suwankiri, former deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Counselor Zhang Donghao of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, and Lin Rusheng, chair of the HQU Alumni Association in Thailand. Nearly 1,000 teachers and students from Lamae Wittaya School, Tachana School and four other schools gave their performances at the ceremony.

      The loong is the totem and symbol of Chinese nation and culture, while the elephant, especially the rare white elephant, is the totem and the national treasure of Thailand. To promote cultural and educational exchanges between these two countries and to respond to the Belt and Road Initiative, HQU's Department of Student Affairs and Alumni Association of Thailand jointly sent 22 Chinese and Thai students to Suratthani and Chumphon in southern Thailand for the communication of Chinese culture. The move encourages international students to return to their places of residence for social practice.

      Hosted by Lamae Wittaya School and Tachana School, the activity has attracted over 800 students from the neighboring 6 schools. With instruction from the 22 HQUers, studetns learnt about Chinese culture through courses including basic Chinese, tea ceremony, traditional dance, calligraphy and painting. Those who were excellent in performance, passionate with Chinese culture, but born into underprivileged families were singled out for further study of Chinese culture with the support of HQU Alumni Association.

      At the end of the social practice, captain Zhang Zhengzhong, a Thai student, said: "I didn’t realize the significance of teaching and educating people until I met these kids. They called me teacher, and I suddenly realized that I've always dreamed of this, for the love of Chinese education has long been buried deep in my heart."

      To promote educational and cultural exchanges between China and other countries along the route of the Belt and Road, HQU has, for four consecutive years since 2015, sent its domestic and foreign students to Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc. to promote Chinese culture. Some thousand students, through practice, have achieved a better understanding of the profound Chinese culture and served as the messenger for communication and cooperation between China and other countries.

      Since March 2018, HQU has embarked on the preparation for Loong & White Elephant. In nearly 5 months, besides detailed planning and material procurement and transportation, the university has selected team members from Quanzhou and Xiamen campuses, offered them weekly Chinese culture training, and rehearsed their lectures.


Thai students present their work of calligraphy and painting.


Thai students experience Chinese tea ceremony.


Thai students welcome guests at the closing ceremony with their newly-learnt Festive Drums.


On the scene of Loong & White Elephant


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