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Achievements Showcased in HQU International Students Graduation Ceremony

Release time:2018-07-06      Author:Wang Xue and Liu Tao

      On the evening of July 3rd, the 2018 International Students Graduation Ceremony of Chinese Language and Culture College, HQU, along with the showcase of achievements in promoting and inheriting traditional Chinese culture was held in Room 204, Wang Yuanxing International Conference Center, Xiamen Campus. More than 100 students of Chinese Language and Culture College, including domestic students and international students from Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia, etc., showcased their talents and achievements in learning Chinese language and culture in HQU.

      The opening dance was Hua Wen Gu Yun (Drum Charms of Chinese Culture). With Chinese drums as the main key, dancers from Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Mongolia and other countries drew the curtain for an unforgettable night of cultural exchange.

      Foreign Government Officials' Chinese Class brought to the party their poetry and songs. The showcase reached its climax with the recital of poems written by Chinese students and international students from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Malaysia and other Belt & Road joint construction countries.

      The original song Shi Jie Yi Jia (Our World as One Family) was played at the end of the performance. Dressed in traditional folk costumes, international students entered the stage, with Tuan Shan (round fans), calligraphy scrolls and other cultural artwork with Chinese elements in their hands. Their smiles became the best memory of the night.

      Yang Xinke, a graduate from Chinese Language Education, told us that she was to leave HQU and return to Indonesia the following week. Reflecting upon the four years in HQU, her gratitude and reluctance of leaving were beyond description.

      Wang Shuqin, a graduate from Business Chinese, expressed her love for Chinese food and Chinese culture as well as her gratitude for the knowledge imparted by the professors in Chinese Language and Culture College. She would like to bring the Chinese language and its charms back to Myanmar, allowing more Myanmar people to know about Chinese cuisine and culture.

      This year, more than 300 students will be graduating from HQU Chinese Language and Culture College. Many of them are international students from Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Angola, Ecuador, Ukraine, etc. For the purpose of spreading Chinese culture, Chinese Language and Culture College hosts a series of events to preserve and inherit excellent Chinese traditional culture. Characteristic classes, such as Guqin, Chinese calligraphy and painting, paper cutting, floristry and tea ceremony, are offered to help international students fully experience and learn the Chinese culture and traditions.


The Opening Dance Hua Wen Gu Yun (Drum Charms of Chinese Culture)


The Poem Recital of Yong Chun (The Eulogy of Spring) by Foreign Government Officials' Chinese Class


The Poem Recital of Jiang Jin Jiu (Bringing in the Wine) by Angolan Students (Photo by Dong Jun)

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