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Policemen from HQU's Foreign Government Officials' Chinese Class Visit Xiamen PSB

Release time:2018-06-15      Author:Wu Jianghui and Li Siyuan

      Huaqiao University organized 41 policemen of Foreign Government Officials' Chinese Class to visit Xiamen Public Security Bureau (Xiamen PSB) on June 13th, 2018. These policemen, from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Angola, made a trip to the Patrol & Special Police Detachment Training Base, Command & Intelligence Center of Huli Branch and Jinshan Police Station of Huli Branch, where they watched the training of special policemen, learned about the basic information of Xiamen PSB, the operation mode in Command & Intelligence Center and local police station’s services for citizens, and shared their work experience with Xiamen police.

       Fully-armed Chinese special policemen conducted live-firing and tactical drills at the Patrol & Special Police Detachment Training Base of Xiamen PSB. With the reporting of gun, they darted into the simulated building and hit the targets quickly in the limited space. Their good teamwork, smooth movement and superb shooting skills impressed the visiting policemen.

      "Wonderful!" said Li Yafei, a policeman from Indonesia, after watching the drill of the special policemen. He also expressed the expectation to collaborate and receive training with the Chinese police.

      "We hope that those students will not only learn the language, but take it as a bridge for a better understanding of the political, economic and social development in China; and on the basis of what they have learnt in HQU and China, they will play a more significant role in facilitating the communication and cooperation between China and their countries." said Hu Pei’an, director of the Department of Chinese Language and Culture Education, HQU, "A majority of the students in the Foreign Government Officials' Chinese Class are policemen. It is a breakthrough to exchange police affairs with Xiamen PSB. In the future we will organize more activities to promote foreign officials’ understanding about Chinese society."


On the Spot of the Special Policemen Training


Visiting Jinshan Police Station of Huli Branch (photo by Chen Cheng)


Visiting the Command & Intelligence Center of Huli Branch (photo by Chen Cheng)


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