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The National Ballet of China Revisits HQU---2018 High Art into Campus

Release time:2018-06-12      Author:Jiang Lei and Gao Liu Huai Hai

      The evening of June 11th saw National Ballet of China staged its second performance for 2018 High Art into Campus at Tan Kah Kee Auditorium, HQU. They have performed at HQU 8 years ago, in September, 2010.

      The event was divided into four parts: an introduction to ballet, live teaching of ballet, interaction with audience and performances of classical excerpts of ballet.

      On that night, Liu Qi, a choreographer of the National Ballet of China and the State first-class Artist of China, gave a brief introduction to the history and the development of ballet. Her words, together with the dance demonstration of some basic movements of ballet, such as brise, saute, pirouette and jete by ballet dancers aroused the audience’s interest so greatly that some of them began to follow the basic movements and gestures.

      In the performances of classical excerpts of ballet, dancers from National Ballet of China presented classical ballet from China, including Chang-Ching's Guidance and Army-Civilian Get-Together, excerpts from Red Detachment of Women, and an excerpt from TE-PASDE QUIXOTE. And in the cheerful Flames of Paris pas de deux, while the danseurs and danseuses were dancing with light and lively steps, the audience could not help but beat their palms to accompany them. Whereas, in the beautiful modern dance Mother, the dancer revealed the plot without saying a word and the attentive audience were moved to tears by scenes like the elderly mother’s stumble, her sewing the clothes with great care and the reluctant parting of the mother and son.

      "Today's performance at Huaqiao University is of great success and there’s very good interaction between the actors and the audience," commented Liu Qi. She said that the National Ballet of China had been touring around the world for 13 years to attract more people to know about ballet, accept it, try it and like it.

       Founded in December, 1959, the National Ballet of China brings together outstanding artists from professional academies. With solid foundations of Russian Ballet Style, the troupe keeps learning from different schools and styles, and has found a successful path for the development of Chinese ballet, fusing styles of the classical and the modern as well as the nation and the world.



Opening Performance PAS DE QUATRE


Army-Civilian Get-Together --- the Excerpt from Red Detachment of Women


Chang-Ching’s Guidance --- the Excerpt from Red Detachment of Women


Live Performance (photo by Zhang Bin)


Live Teaching of Ballet


Interaction between the Actors and the Audience



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