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HQU Holds Chengzhi Chinese Culture Festival --- Clubs Culture Exhibition

Release time:2018-04-12      Author:Li Longfeng, Li Ying and Chen Shoucheng

      HQU Chengzhi Chinese Culture Festival --- Clubs Culture Exhibition was held on the afternoon of April 10th, on both sides of campus streets along Qiuzhong Lake, where Hanfu, Tuan Shan (reunion fan), Quanzhou dough figurines and Quanzhou string puppets were displayed, drawing much public attention.

      Student clubs, including Jian Jia ( green reed) Hanfu Club, Ourlife Life Creations Club, Chinese Medicine Culture Club, Painting and Calligraphy Club, Tea Culture Club, demonstrated cultural and creative products and small games of traditional Chinese culture in the way of traditional culture fair.

      Mr. Zhang, a dough figurine craftsman, displaying his works including Zhang Fei with a black face, Guan Gong with a red face, red roses and Minions, said that this art form had been handed down in his family for three generations. "Streets and lanes in Quanzhou have witnessed my exclusive skill, which I had been carrying my baskets to display since I was young. In recent years, the government has attached greater importance to the protection of traditional Chinese culture through education, hoping to pass it down to our future generations," said Mr. Zhang.  

      Mr. Lin, over 70 years old, was performing his unique skill of playing Quanzhou string puppets in the octagonal pavilion beside Qiuzhong Lake. Despite his old age, he was manipulating the interlinked strings flexibly, making the puppet move more lifelike with the rhythm DongQiang, DongQiang (cling-clang) with his powerful voice.  

      Chinese characters riddles, pitch-pot games, tea making, dragon lion dance, performances of activities group were on full display at the fair, bustling with laughter and joyfulness.

      "This activity is a great opportunity for me to get a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture. What impressed me most is the traditional string puppet. The manipulating of the puppet, seemingly simple, shows the superb skill of the puppeteer. It’s amazing." said an international student from Britain.


Students Enjoy the Performance of Quanzhou String Puppets.


Students Make Dough Figurines.


Students Paint the Tuan Shan (reunion fan).


Students Make Sachets of Chinese Herbs.


Pitch-pot Games


Display Stands


Student Clubs & Activities


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